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Policies & Guidelines


The following policies & guidelines apply to all employers offering employment and/or internship opportunities for College of Charleston students/alumni:


       I. all full-time and part-time job opportunities must meet the minimum wage requirement (currently $7.25 per hour)

  1. position listings must provide full disclosure to the Career Center of the following information:
  1. organization name, full mailing address
  2. contact person’s name, telephone number and email address
  3. job description and qualifications
  4. rate of pay/compensation (see policy regarding commission-based opportunities below)
  5. recruitment agencies and third party recruiters must provide the name of the client organization for which they are hiring.  This information will not be disclosed on the job posting.  Only genuine employment opportunities will be accepted.
  1. all positions must comply with all federal and state affirmative action and equal employment opportunity regulations


  1. the employer fails to meet our guidelines and policies
  2. the employment involves independent contracting arrangements (self-employment)
  3. the employment opportunity involves on-campus solicitation, sale, posting materials, products or services (this includes "campus ambassador" and "campus representative" internships). The College of Charleston is a non-commercial campus.
  4. the student must pay a nonrefundable fee to participate in a work experience or training
  5. the student is required to purchase or rent any type of sales kit or presentation supplies; the student is required to invest money up front before the position begins
  6. the opportunity is sponsoring an individual to establish their own business for the purpose of selling products or services, and/or recruiting other individuals to establish their own businesses
  7. the opportunity requires recruitment of other members as the primary source of income
  8. international teach abroad opportunities other than those sponsored by embassies, the U.S. government, or an accredited university
  9. the opportunity is related to in-home employment. This includes any positions where work takes place in an individual's home (babysitting, senior companions, housekeeping, yard work, etc.) 

  10. the opportunity is an on-call or substitute position of any kind
  11. the position is deemed unsuitable to the image of the College or of questionable moral standards
  12. the employer requests personal data (i.e. social security number, bank account information) at the time of application
  13. the employer misrepresents their organization by providing dishonest information or the absence of information


  1. Employers using the Center’s services will offer regular salaries for positions.  A draw against future earnings does not constitute a salary.  Employers offering commission-based positions may post job listings through the Career Center provided they abide by the following policy:
  2. recruit only for positions which are full-time post-graduate career opportunities
  3. no commission-based internships or part-time jobs for current students will be posted 
  4. 100% commission based opportunities will not be accepted for on campus recruitment events. Salaried, hourly, or internship positions only. 
  5. when posting a position under “Rate of Pay or Compensation”, enter “Commission-Only” and in the position description, inform the Career Center and potential applicants of the specific manner in which remuneration is to be determined. 

4.0 ALL INTERNSHIP POSITIONS LISTED WITH THE CAREER CENTER MUST: (Please review our Site Supervisor Internship Handbook)

  1. include a complete job description detailing duties and learning outcomes
  2. specify a Site Supervisor with the appropriate level of expertise who is: 
    1. a professional in the field with work experience and/or educational training
    2. genuinely interested in teaching a student about the career
    3. available and willing to spend time supervising and mentoring a student
    4. primarily motivated to benefit the student rather than the organization
  3. indicate if the internship will be paid (at or above minimum wage) or unpaid.  The US Department of Labor specifies that an internship can be unpaid only if:
    1. the intern is provided training similar to that which would be provided at a vocational school (the student is under continued and direct supervision);
    2. the training is for the benefit of the student, not to meet the labor needs of the business;
    3. student does not displace a regular employee and an employee has not been relieved of assigned duties;
    4. the employer provides the training and derives no immediate advantage from the intern’s activities, and on occasion his/her operations may actually be impeded;
    5. student is not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the internship; and
    6. employer and student agree and understand that no wages will be paid to the student



  1. Identify their employer clients to the Career Center. This information will be held in confidence and will not be released to candidates unless authorized by the third party recruiter. No contact will be made directly with the emplyer without the third party recruiter's knowledge
  2. Charge NO Fees to the candidate 
  3. Not use, take, download or in any other manner obtain the employer job listing in order to populate their own organization's database of job openings. This means you may not sell, transfer, or in any other manner provide access to job postings to any person or entity outside of your organization, other than to provide information on a perspective job candidate to a client organization that has an actual job opening or has a need for temporary worker.  

5.1 The Career Center prohibits the following recruitment strategies on campus:

  1. entering classrooms or lecture halls during a scheduled class, tutorial or lab to promote employment opportunities and/or distribute employment materials
  2. using common internal and external areas on campus such as waiting areas, lobbies, alcoves, break rooms, entrances, library, etc. to conduct impromptu recruiting activities
  3. entering residence buildings and posting/distributing employment promotional materials in mailboxes and/or under doors
  4. postering and/or displaying employment jobs/promotional materials in unauthorized areas and/or in authorized areas without permission from the Career Center

6.0 The Career Center reserves the right to refuse to list positions or host on-campus recruiting organizations.  The Career Center and all employers they represent are expected to abide by the “Principles for Professional Conduct for Career Services & Employment Professionals” as published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.