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4 Ways The Career Center Can Help You

We know the classroom is where CofC students are gaining marketable knowledge and skills sought by employers and graduate schools.  The Career Center is here to help students learn how to package that knowledge and those skills, along with their co-curricular experiences, to reach their career goals.  We are here to help you help students, too!

1.  Classroom Presentations

Our professional staff is available to make presentations to your students on career-related topics, including:

  • Career Center Overview
  • Self-Assessment Interpretations (FOCUS2, Strong Interest Inventory, or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Gaining Career Related Experience (internships/volunteer/part-time/summer jobs)
  • Effective Job Search Strategies
  • LinkedIn 101
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Jobs for _________ Majors

Topics may be combined, or we can work with you to develop a specific program for your group. Most of these presentations require a minimum of 30 min to an hour. A minimum of 2 weeks advance notice is required. To schedule a class presentation, please complete the Presentation Request Form located in the bottom right corner on our homepage.

2.  Career Center Visits & Assignments

Faculty can arrange to bring students to the Career Center for an orientation by contacting our office at 953-5692.  Many faculty also assign projects, such as writing a research paper on careers of interest, conducting informational interviews with professionals/alumni in career fields of interest, and/or attending the Career Center's seminars or events, in order to engage students in the career decision-making process while enhancing their academic skills.  The Career Centers' Resource Center and website contain a wealth of information and resources.

*Note: If you require your students to visit the Career Center to complete an assignment, please remind them to plan ahead!  We may not be able to accommodate all students if they wait to come in the day before the assignment is due.

3.  Post a Job

If you and/or your department hire student employees, the Career Center posts these types of positions through Handshake, which is accessible to all currently enrolled students. For additional information and instructions, go to Employer Resources for On-Campus Employment.  

4.  Employer Inquiries and Requests

When you receive employer inquiries or requests for student referrals, please consider referring the employer to the Career Center so that we may follow up and offer assistance. For important legal issues related to making student referrals and serving as a reference, you may wish to read the Faculty Guide to Legal Standards in Student Hiring.