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Status After Graduation: Please choose the best option
  I am / will be working full-time with my current employer and       am not seeking employment
  I am / will be working full-time with a new employer and       am not seeking employment
  I am employed but am still seeking full-time employment       with another employer
  I am unemployed and am seeking full-time employment
  I am not seeking employment because I intend to further my       education after graduation
  I am not seeking employment for other reasons:       If choosing this option, please explain below.

Other Reasons for not seeking employment:

If employed, please complete the following Employment Information Section.

If accepted to graduate school, please complete theGraduate / Professional School Information Section further down this page

Employment Information Section.

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What initial source(s) led to this employment? : (check all that apply)
  Friends / family / acquaintances
  Newspaper ad
  Previous internship / co-op employer
  CISTERN Online
  Previous part-time / summer employer
  Faculty referral
  Online job posting (other than CISTERN online)
  Campus Interview
  Career Fair (Fall Career Fair or FutureQuest)
  Career Center referral
  Employment Agency
  Other. Please Specify

Graduate / Professional School Information

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