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Hiring a Student Employee

Follow the steps below to hire a student employee:

1.  Read the official College of Charleston policy governing employment eligibility for all employees of The College, including student employees. 

2.  If hiring an undergraduate student, complete the Student Employment Approval Form (SEAF) located on the 'My Forms' tab in MyCharleston 10-14 days prior to the preferred start date. 

Use the following dates when inputting employment approval forms:

Federal Work-Study employees may work: August 16, 2017- May 2, 2018
The last day Fall graduates may work is: December 15, 2017
The last day Spring graduates may work is: May 10, 2018

3.  If hiring a graduate student, refer to the Assistantship Information page on the Graduate School's website. Do NOT complete the Student Employment Approval Form (SEAF) for a graduate student unless you have received clearance from the Graduate School. 

4.  If the student employee will be paid from a Foundation Account, complete the Hiring Approval Form for Foundation Accounts and forward to the Career Center. 

5.  Upon receipt of the SEAF, the Career Center will check the student's eligibility for employment and will notify the student and hiring supervisor if the student is required to complete New Student Employee Orientation BEFORE they begin working. 

6. If you need to make changes to the original hire form, including early terminations, complete a Student Employment Change/Extension/Termination Form located on the 'MyForms' tab in MyCharleston.

7. Use this checklist as a guide when terminating student employees.

Have questions? Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact a member of the Student Employment Team at 843.953.5692.