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On-Campus Employers

Information for on-campus employers

Follow the steps below to hire a student employee:

1. Ensure you have funding and a clear job description. 

2. Seek applicants through Handshake, our online job and internship database. Follow the steps in our Employer Guide to post your position. 

3. Read the official College of Charleston policy governing employment eligibility for all employees of the College, including student employees. Students should not perform services for compensation who are not approved Student Employees. If unsure, check with Student Employment or the Grants Office for method of payment prior to commencement of services. (99% of services are student employment.)

4. As soon as an offer is extended and accepted, complete a Hire Form. Allow 7-14 days for processing. 

  • Student Employment Approval Forms (SEAF) for undergraduate positions are located on the 'My Forms' tab in MyCharleston. You will receive an email confirming submission of the hire form.
  • Graduate Assistant Forms are located on the Assistantship Information page of the Graduate School's website. Complete a Graduate Assistant or a Student Employment Approval Form (SEAF) for a graduate student after discussion with the Graduate School. Some undergraduate positions are staffed with grad students, yet should be vetted by the Graduate Office. 

5. Use the following dates when inputting Student Employment Approval Forms for 2018-19:

  • Federal Work-Study employees may work: August 21, 2018- May 2, 2019
  • The last day Fall graduates may work is: December 14, 2018
  • The last day Spring graduates may work is: May 9, 2019

Note: there is no rule that you must input new hire forms at the beginning of each new fiscal year. In general, use the Fall and Spring graduation dates for all employee end dates to avoid having to complete early termination forms when students leave for the summer. Also note that assignments may not exceed 365 days, including extensions. 

6.  If the student employee will be paid from a Foundation Account, submit a completed Hiring Approval Form for Foundation Accounts via email to or one of the SE staff. 

7.  Wait to hear from us. Upon receipt of a SEAF, Student Employment will check the student's registration and prior work. Student Employment will email the student and their supervisor if the student is required to completeNew Student Employee Orientation (NSEO). No email is sent for prior student employees who do not have to repeat orientation. Upon completion of NSEO, an authorization to start work email is sent to the student and their supervisor.

Changes to the original hire form, including early terminations, are completed on a Student Employment Change/Extension/Termination Form located on the 'MyForms' tab in MyCharleston.

Terminations- Use this checklist as a guide when a student leaves employment.

Have questions? Please consult our Resources page or contact a member of the Student Employment Team at 843.953.5692 or