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Help Your Student Gain Career Related Experience

Gaining career-related experience can have a direct, positive impact on a student's professional development, because the majority of employers who recruit college graduates prefer to hire those who have some type of related experience. These experiences help students try out and confirm their career interests; develop real world skills that enhance qualifications for future employment; make future contacts in their field; and possibly gain offers of full-time employment.

Encourage your son or daughter to contact the Career Center to learn more about these options, which include:

  • Internships - Learning experiences that allow a student to explore a career field and gain related work experience under supervision in a professional environment. Internships are usually part-time experiences (10-20 hours per week), either paid or unpaid, that last one semester. Academic credit may be earned, depending on the student's major and class standing.
  • Part-time/Seasonal Jobs - Paid jobs that may involve significant career-related tasks, and allow for skill-building and exposure to a work environment.
  • Volunteering - Provides practical experience, contacts, and service to the community.
  • Cooperative Education - A structured program where students may gain paid, professional-level, supervised work experience. Co-Op may add a semester or semesters to a student's stay at campus.
  • Campus Involvement - Can enhance skills and provide excellent experience in teamwork, collaboration, and program/event development.

College of Charleston students may contact the Career Center to find out how to access Handshake, a web-based system where they can access internship, volunteer, part-time and full-time job listings.