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Hiring a Student Employee

Please observe the following dates when inputting employment approval forms:

FWS Employees may work: August 16, 2017- May 2, 2018
Last Date Fall Graduates may work: December 15, 2017
Last Date Spring Graduates may work: May 10, 2018

Use the following checklist to insure that all steps are followed when hiring a student employee:

1.    Verify the student is enrolled in classes

  • The student must be enrolled in classes during the term of their employment, to be eligible to work on campus. If the student is not enrolled in classes, STOP HERE. They cannot be hired as Student Employees. Contact Human Resources to learn about the process for hiring Temporary Employees. 
  • Please note: Students do not have to be enrolled in summer classes to work on campus during the summer; however, students must be enrolled for the following fall semester at the time of hire.

2.    Complete the appropriate employment approval form

Student Employment Hire Approval Form (SEAF)- this form is available in MyCharleston
Graduate Assistant Employment Approval Form
Research Assistant Employment Approval Form
Teaching Assistant Employment Approval Form

  • To access the SEAF log into MyCharleston, then click on the Employee tab. The SEAF is located in the Employee Forms section.
  • The SEAF must be submitted electronically.
  • Please note: If the student employee will be paid from a Foundation Account, you must also complete the Hiring Approval Form for Foundation Accounts.

3.    Let the new student employee (who has never worked on campus before) know they will need to do the following:

    1. Complete the New Student Employee Hire Packet
    2. Register to attend New Student Employee Orientation