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Student Employment Guidebook-FAQs

Where do I pick up my contract for employment?

If you are working under FWS, you must first visit the Career Center to request your employment packet. You may begin requesting your packets one week before classes begin in the fall semester and when the College resumes regular operation after the holiday break in January. Contracts will be available for pick-up within two business days of the request being made.

If you are working under NWS or an assistantship, these contracts are generated through your employer and are available at the beginning of your employment.

How do I find out what my FWS award amount is?

Your FWS award is listed on your Financial Aid award letter. The award letter can be found on Cougar Trail under Financial Aid.

I’m having a hard time finding a job, what do you suggest I do?

Always check for job opportunities on CISTERNonline as employers are highly encouraged to list any vacancies here. All opportunities are current as updates are made daily. You may also want to approach a potential employer independently. If there is someone you would really like to work with, give them a call or stop by their office to express your interest.

I can’t seem to get along with my employer, what should I do?

If you feel you are experiencing difficulties with your employer, we suggest that you ask to meet with him/her to discuss the problem directly. It may be helpful to write out your points before entering this meeting to make sure you cover everything you want to discuss.

Students are also able to terminate their employment at will. If you choose to do this, two weeks prior notification is recommended.

If the problems persist and you feel that you need further help, contact Kristine Barry in the Career Center. Mediation and grievance procedures are available to our student employees.

I saw another student employee in our office go through a student’s records and share that information with her friends. What do I do?

This other student employee has violated confidentiality and may be terminated for their actions. You are to contact your employer immediately and tell them what has happened. It is then the responsibility of the employer to handle the problem and take whatever course of action is necessary.

Often times other student employees will not communicate to their employer when a student breaches confidentiality. All conversations between you and your employer are to remain confidential and your findings should not be discussed with other students in the office.

It is your right and responsibility as a College of Charleston student, in accordance with the Honor Code, to report any type of behavior such as this.

When do I get paid?

Students are paid in the middle and end of each month. If a pay date falls on a weekend, paychecks are available the Friday beforehand.

Can I be paid early if I’ll be out of town the next pay day and need the money?

No. Money will not be disbursed early for any reason.

If I complete my timesheet late, will I still get paid on time?

It is imperative that you adhere to the due dates on your timesheets as Payroll cannot guarantee that you will be paid on time if your timesheet is delivered late. Payroll will do all they can to help a student, however it is the responsibility of the student to complete their timesheets by the designated due date.

If I’m sick or can’t come into work one day, who do I call to let them know?

The protocol for this situation is determined by your supervisor. See them for specific details regarding this issue.

May I work for the same department throughout my schooling?

If you enjoy working in this department and feel that it meets your needs, we highly encourage you to stay as long as you like. Employers value consistency in their student employees.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Contact your employer, stop by the Career Center or visit our web site to obtain a Direct Deposit Agreement. You will need to return this form with a voided check, bank routing number and your checking account number. The bank routing number may be obtained by contacting a local branch of your bank.

This agreement takes effect within thirty days. Make sure to read this document thoroughly before signing and submitting for processing.