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Career Fairs & Employer Info Sessions

The College hosts several career fairs, meet-ups, and other programs and events to connect you with talented and diverse CofC students for networking and recruitment.

The Fall Career Exploration Fair will take place on Tuesday, October 10, 2023 from 12:00-4:00pm at the Gaillard Center

This is one of the largest on-campus events for students, serving as the primary recruiting event for employers seeking to increase their visibility on College of Charleston's campus. This event attracts roughly 600 undergraduate, graduate and alumni from all academic majors and degree levels including liberal arts, tech, business, sciences and more.

This year, we will have a strong focus on helping students explore their career interests. Students will be able to learn about job shadowing, internships, and part-time & full-time opportunities to make the most out of their time as students and be ready to launch their careers! We invite you to consider our Career Exploration Fair Sponsorships below. 

Rates (Standard | Government/Nonprofit)
Early Bird - $500 | $200 SOLD OUT
Regular - $600 | $250
Last Chance - $650 | $300

*Registration deadline is September 22, 2023 but will close when spots are sold out.
*Cancellation requests must be submitted to fritchmank@cofc.edu.
*No Refunds will be issued for this event.
*No-shows at the event are not eligible for a credit or a refund.
*No third-party recruiters please.

Employers can view additional details and registration is open on Handshake

Industry Meet-Ups

Industry Meet-Ups offer students a more relaxed networking environment to connect with employers about career paths and job or internship opportunities. Please check back regarding upcoming Industry Meet-Ups for the fall and spring semesters. 

Join students from the College's School of Business for a pre-expo networking opportunity! Students and faculty from the Hospitality & Tourism Management program will be hosting a reception in the School of Business from 4-6pm on Monday, October 9th. Employers will have the opportunity to meet with some of our best and brightest students in a professional, yet intimate, setting prior to the big Career Exploration Fair! Registration is required. Light refreshments will be provided. Select as an ADD-ON to the Career Exploration Fair registration. 

School of Business Biz Bash - Tuesday, October 10th, 4:30pm-6pm - Select as an ADD-ON to the Career Exploration Fair registration.


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Jobs and Internships

College of Charleston is an exceptional source of talent with 10,000+ students, 61 majors, 24 master's degree programs, and more than 90,000 alumni. The College offers a menu of recruiting opportunities including two online job boards, Handshake and the Alumni Career Center (for experienced alumni job seekers) to support employers’ efforts to identify target populations and to assist in achieving recruiting goals. 

To post job and internship opportunities for College of Charleston students and alumni use our online job board, Handshake. This online portal is also where you will schedule campus interviews, information sessions, and register for upcoming career fairs and recruiting events.

To learn more on how to post a job or internship, refer to this quick tutorial or follow our instruction guide. If you already have an account on Handshake, select College of Charleston as a partner school. If you do not have a Handshake account, please register your organization.

Policies and Requirements 


Employers/Graduate School










  • Tabling on Campus

This is a great way to quickly meet our students! Consider adding on-the-spot interviews to support your hiring initiatives. This opportunity is available for our local employers and is perfect for promoting part-time employment. If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the form.

  • Pop-Up Fairs 

We will host up to two per month each semester. Details and registration in Handshake

Fall Semesters = September, October and November

Spring Semesters = February, March and April