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Jobs and Internships

College of Charleston is an exceptional source of talent with 10,000+ students, 61 majors, 24 master's degree programs, and more than 90,000 alumni. The College offers a menu of recruiting opportunities including two online job boards, Handshake and the Alumni Career Center (for experienced alumni job seekers) to support employers’ efforts to identify target populations and to assist in achieving recruiting goals. 

To post job and internship opportunities for College of Charleston students and alumni use our online job board, Handshake. This online portal is also where you will schedule campus interviews, information sessions, and register for upcoming career fairs and recruiting events.

To learn more on how to post a job or internship, refer to this quick tutorial or follow our instruction guide. If you already have an account on Handshake, select College of Charleston as a partner school. If you do not have a Handshake account, please register your organization.

Want your job description to reach more students? Consider our additional marketing and branding support, including e-blasts and social media posts, as part of our sponsorship options. 

Policies and Requirements 


Career Fairs & Employer Info Sessions

The College hosts several career fairs, meet-ups, and other programs and events to connect you with talented and diverse CofC students for networking and recruitment.

Career Fair Fall 2022

Industry Meet-Ups

Industry Meet-Ups offer students a more relaxed networking environment to connect with employers about career paths and job or internship opportunities. Please check back regarding upcoming Industry Meet-Ups for the fall and spring semesters.

  • Biz Bash Tech Meet-Up - Computer Science (TBD)

  • Government & Non-Profit Meet-Up (TBD)

  • Communications & Marketing Meet-Up (TBD)


Become an Employer Partner! 

Annual Partnerships!

SOCIETY $10,000


GOLD $2,500

MAROON $1,000

The Career Center provides a range of sponsorship options to increase your visibility on campus, enhance your recruiting efforts, and engage with talented students. Employer Partners enjoy increased awareness of their organization, multiple occasions to interact with specific student demographics, introductions and connections with key faculty, and personal assistance developing effective recruiting programs.

CUB LEVEL $200-$500

In addition to our annual partnerships, we also offer Cub Level Sponsorships, smaller-scale branding and recruiting events. We know that students engage with companies when they understand who they are and what they do. These short events are designed to attract and connect students to your company and opportunities quickly. See our menu of events.

Career Fair

Interested in a marketing and branding opportunity that reaches our entire student body? We invite your company to participate in our career fairs as a sponsor and provide various levels of commitment. Find all career fair sponsorship options within Handshake’s registration process.

Interested in Tabling On-Campus? The Career Center invites local employers to interact with students on-campus through tabling. If you are interested in this opportunity please complete the form. If you have any further questions please email careercenter@cofc.edu . 


Talent Engagement Opportunities

Looking to boost your brand presence on campus and increase your candidate pool? Sponsor a one-time event, participate in a program, or utilize our social media channels for branding support. Recruiting fees may apply. Please reach out to careercenter@cofc.edu for more information.

  • Cub-Level Sponsorship

We know that students engage with companies when they understand who they are and what they do. These short events are designed to attract and connect students to your company and opportunities quickly. 

  • EIR (Employer in Residence)

Represent your company during 1:1 meetings with students who may be seeking job search assistance, a resume critique, cover letter review, interview tips, or simply wish to have a general career conversation regarding opportunities with your company. While this is not a formal recruitment program, it does allow for productive networking and the potential to continue a career conversation. The program is typically scheduled from 12-3pm on most Wednesdays during the academic year.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Recruiting

Interested in meeting culturally conscious students who are motivated to bring positive change to your organization? Want to expand your diversity recruiting initiatives? Launchpad for Success is the College’s new DEI initiative designed to create pathways for equitable recruiting. Sponsor a student club meeting, speak on a corporate diversity topic supporting career and professional development, or fund programs that support financial assistance for internships and professional dress. Partner with Launchpad for Success!

  • Marketing & Branding Support

You don't have to visit campus to get your name in front of CofC students! The Career Center can feature your organization on our social media platforms for a day as well as include your job postings in a targeted email to all students.

Targeted Email: We will promote your company, market a job or internship, or notify students of an important deadline through a mass email sent by the Career Center on your behalf. You set specific qualifications to ensure you reach your target audience. $50

Employer of the Day: Includes up to 3 posts on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The focus of the posts will be to introduce students to your company, your culture, and to share open positions. This is an opportunity to showcase what makes your company a great place to work! $100

Culture Video: Create a short video (maybe even feature some of your CofC alumni) to give students a virtual taste of organization’s culture and unique work environment. We will then share the video across our social media accounts. FREE

  • Tabling or Tenting on Campus

This is a great way to quickly meet our students! Consider adding on-the-spot interviews to support your hiring initiatives. This opportunity is available for our local employers and is perfect for promoting part-time employment. If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the form.

  • On-Campus Interviews

An on-campus interview date may be scheduled in Handshake for organizations wishing to identify graduating seniors or recent alumni for current or anticipated job openings. Interview dates are typically scheduled from late September - November (fall semester) and from February - April (spring semester). Please contact careercenter@cofc.edu to request on-campus interview permissions in Handshake.

  • Host a Workshop

Host a workshop on a professional development topic such as acing the interview, conducting research before an interview, crafting an elevator pitch, or how to follow-up after an interview. Virtual and in-person formats available.