Workplace Expectations

Having a list of workplace expectations is an excellent start to a great working relationship between you and your student employees.  You are letting them know exactly what is expected of them during their time with you and you're also allowing for introspective discussion to take place between employer and employee.  Remember, you're not just an employer, you're also a mentor.  You're teaching them valuable transferable skills that they will take with them!

Step 1: What You're Expecting and Why

The first step in developing your list of expectations is determining key functions in your office.  Consult with other staff
members who will be interacting with your student employees for their input.


  • What skills and training are needed to do a job in your department?
  • What are your policy and procedures for regular FT employees?

Expectations may include items such as:

  • Confidentiality
  • Work schedules
  • Reporting hierarchy (Who is their supervisor?)
  • Dress code
  • How performance will be evaluated including tardiness and absences
  • Any conditions of employment such as grade point average

Step 2:  Complete Your Contract

Using your list of expectations, you're ready to complete your workplace expectations contract. Not only will this be helpful with assisting students with workplace expectations, but will also be beneficial in reviewing student performance at a later date. 

For a sample workplace expectations contract, click here.