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Peer Career Advisors 2021-2022

Christina Ferrell, '22
Kasandra Kloc, '23
Jordan Mercer '22

The Career Center values equipping students to assist their peers. Not only does this allow the mentor to gain leadership experience, but it allows the mentee to gain insight from a student perspective. Peer Career Advisors (PCAs) are students who have been selectively chosen and trained to assist their peers with a variety of career-related content. PCAs are the first point of contact during daily drop-in hours, and their primary duty is to meet one-on-one with undergraduate students to review resumes and cover letters, provide insight on internship and job searching, and offer additional career-related advice and assistance within Career Center guidelines. They are also prepared to assist their peers in group settings through providing presentations to CofC clubs and organizations. PCAs are an asset to the team, expanding the Career Center’s reach as they equip their peers to be career ready.


PCAs have the unique opportunity to build upon communication and leadership skills and develop career competencies that stand out to employers, all while learning career insights for their own internship and job search.

PCAs are required to have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. They must possess excellent verbal and written communication, interpersonal skills, and a professional demeanor due to advising others and representing the department. It is required for PCAs to enroll in TEDU 205: Exploring Leadership, Building Peer Facilitation Skills and to participate in ongoing training sessions amongst the team. Additionally, PCAs must display a willingness to assist in a wide variety of Career Center projects and initiatives.

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