Financial Wellness


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Financial Wellness Program will be Kicking-Off on 11.8.21Stop by Cougar Mall from PM-3PM or Register for the online event from 5:30PM-6:30PM. 



The Financial Wellness Initiative strives to assist students in developing healthy financial habits while in college to ensure future success. We have compiled resources into a Library of Content that will provide students educational opprotunities to increase their financial literacy for future financial growth. 



igrad-logo.jpg iGrad: Financial Wellness for Students (coming soon)

College of Charleston is excited to announce it's partnership with iGrad, an award-winning financial literacy digital platform designed to empower students, alumni, staff, parents and families to make effective personal finance, student loan, and career decisions throughout their lives.



Wells Fargo Financial Literacy Education

Wells Fargo offers many educational resources and workshops for students to empower themselves with financial knowledge. These resources include help with learning the basics of personal finances, assistance on how to build and maintain credit and use credit responsibly, and tips on paying for college and managing their money in school. 


Truist Financial Education Center 

This platform provides students with important information that can help guide them on their journey as an adult. They've created a series of financial education playlists with students in mind and for whatever the season of life they are in. Whether they are applying for their first credit card, preparing to buy their first home, or fall somewhere in the middle, there's a playlist and resources that will help them build a brighter financial future.

Truist Money and Mindset

Each individual's financial journey is unique, and their goals are too. When we learn to reframe our relationship with money, a positive mindset can lead to changes - in more than just our financial lives. With tips and tools, in a variety of mediums, including articles, podcasts and more, Truist's Money and Mindset Program helps make progress manageable, helping students improve their mindset, achieve their goals, and boost their confidence. 


Upcoming Workshops and Events



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