Financial Literacy

The College of Charleston Career center strives to assist students in developing healthy financial habits while in college. We have compiled these resources to provide students with relevant information to increase their financial literacy.

Salary Negotiation: 

It is very important to understand how to properly negotiate after receiving a job offer. Check out these resources to help you better understand how to approach a salary negotiation.

Financial Aid Literacy: 

Financial literacy is vital for an individuals’ professional and personal growth.  For college students financial aid literacy has never been more important than it is today. Here is a list of resources compiled by the CofC financial aid office to help you better understand and manage financial aid.

Wells Fargo Financial Literacy Education Program with CofC: 


Wells Fargo offers many educational resources and workshops for students to empower themselves with financial knowledge. These resources include help with learning the basics of personal finances, assistance on how to build and maintain credit and use credit responsibly, and tips on paying for college and managing your money in school. Find upcoming workshops in Handshake and visit the site below to access Wells Fargo's online resources.