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College of Charleston is excited to announce it's partnership with iGrad, an award-winning financial literacy digital platform designed to empower students, alumni, staff, parents and families to make effective personal finance, student loan, and career decisions throughout their lives.




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We are here to assist you with all your financial wellness needs! If you would like to meet with our staff member:

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The Financial Wellness Program in the Career Center is available to assist current CofC students on a variety of Financial Wellness topics. Students may schedule Financial Wellness Appointments with our staff online through Appointment Manager, to discuss budgeting, saving, student loan repayment, debt management, credit, and more!

  • All Financial Wellness-related appointments may be conducted in-person or by Zoom when you schedule the appointment.  Look for an email from the staff member within a few business days of scheduling the appointment to confirm how you will meet and if you need to provide any additional information in advance of your appointment.  



South Carolina Federal Credit Union Financial Wellness


Library of Content

The Financial Wellness Initiative strives to assist students in developing healthy financial habits while in college to ensure future success. We have compiled resources into a Library of Content that will provide students educational opportunities to increase their financial literacy for future financial growth. Click each image to be re-directed to the PDF version; some images have icons that link to specific financial literacy resources! 

Financial Literacy Books 

Books we recommend that relate to financial wellness and literacy. 

 Financial Wellness Books

Financial Literacy Websites 

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 Financial wellness websites

Financial Literacy Podcasts 

Click on each cassette tape to be taken to the Podcast. 

 Library of Content - Podcasts

Financial Literacy Apps

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 Financial wellness apps

Name Image Likeness Resources for Student Athletes 

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 Financial wellness NIL resources



To request a financial wellness presentation for your class/organization, please complete and submit the form below.  Up to 3 topics may be combined, depending upon the length of the presentation.  Most presentations require a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour.  A minimum of 2 weeks advance notice is required.  We try to accommodate as many requests as possible but may not be able to do so per other programs and staffing needs.  We will confirm your request within a few business days of receipt and discuss possible alternative arrangements as needed. To request a financial wellness presentation for your class/organization, please complete and submit the AY23-24 Career Center Presentation Request Form.