On-Campus Employer Guide: Posting Student Employee Positions

All on-campus student employee positions should be posted on Handshake. Refer to our Employer Guide: Joining Handshake for assistance creating an account. Refer to the information below when creating a job posting. If you have questions about Handshake, please contact Student Employment at 843.953.5692 or studentemployment@cofc.edu

Where should students submit their application? (Required)

Select 'Apply in Handshake' or 'Apply through external system'. If you select the later option, you must provide the URL for your online application. If you click '+add instructions for external applications' you can provide additional instructions. 

Job Title (Required)

Enter a descriptive title of the work to be performed. 

Display your contact information to students? (Required)

Leave as 'Name only'. 

Job Type (Required)

Select 'On Campus Student Employment'. 

Employment Type (Required)

Select 'Part-Time'.

Duration (Required)

Select 'Temporary/ Seasonal'.

Start and End Dates (Required)

Enter desired start and end dates. Ex. 08/20/2019 - 05/07/2020. 

Is this a Work Study job? (Required)

Leave as 'No'. If Federal Work-Study eligibility is a requirement, add 'FWS Only' to the job title and list it as a qualification in the job description. 

Description (Required)

The following information must be included in the job description:

  • Purpose/role
  • Dutes and Responsibilities (Add Skills for Success by tasks, as appropriate. See examples below.)
  • Qualifications
  • Length of Employment (Fall, Spring, Academic Year, etc.)
  • Number of Openings
  • Name of Supervisor

Skills for Success

In providing meaningful experiences for student employees, please refer to the skill building guide and sample duties and responsibilities below.

Communication C
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving CTPS
Leadership L
Teamwork & Collaboration TC
Professionalism & Work Ethic PWE
Digital Technology DT
Global & Intercultural Fluency GIF

Sample Duties and Responsibilities

Answer the phone and route calls to the appropriate individuals/offices on campus. C, CTPS, GIF
Create a welcome and inclusive environment for all visitors. C, GIF
Assist students in scheduling appointments with professional staff. C, DT
Provide clerical support and other duties as assigned. TC
Maintain confidentiality, communicate changes in schedule, and adhere to dress code. PWE
Provide academic support for students and encourage the use of campus resources. C, L, TC

Job Function (Required)

Select one or more functions from the drop-down menu.

How many students do you expect to hire for this position? (Required)

Enter the number of positions available. 

Approximate Salary (Required)

Enter the hourly rate of pay. Refer to the Job Classifications and Pay Scale for assistance determining the rate of pay. 

Job Location (Required)

Enter your office/department's physical address.

Required Documents (Required)

Defaults to 'Resume'. You may select additional documents from the list.

Graduation Date Range (Optional)

Leave these fields blank.

School Years (Required)

Select the desired school years from the list. 

Minimum GPA (Optional)

Enter your minimum GPA, if you have one.

Major Categories (Required)

Leave blank to select all majors or select desired majors from the list. 

Applicant Package Recipients (Required)

The recipient defaults to the individual creating the posting. If you would like to add another recipient, select their name from the drop-down menu. If their name isn't an option, select 'Create a new contact'. 

Select 'Email every time a new student applies' and then select 'Send all applicants'. 

Add Schools (Required)

Select the College of Charleston.

Global Apply Start and Expiration Dates (Required)

Enter the dates you want the position to be posted. We recommend posting the job for 3 to 30 days. You can close the posting early or extend the expiration date if needed. 

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