On Campus Interviews

Each year, many employers come to the College of Charleston to recruit our students. These one-to-one interviews are an excellent way to connect with representatives of companies hiring upcoming and recent college graduates. However, participation in campus interviews is just one of the ways in which you can connect with employers. The Career Center encourages you to use a variety of methods in searching for career employment.

Eligibility to Interview on Campus

On-campus interviews are limited to students and/or alumni/ae of the College of Charleston who meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled degree candidates (seniors and graduate students).
  • Students who already have a degree and are enrolled in a course sequence, such as accounting or teacher certification.
  • Alumni who are recent graduates (graduated in the immediate past semester).
  • In some instances, alumni other than recent graduates may be eligible to participate in on-campus interviewing if interview slots are available. These situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Career Services. Have a resume that has been reviewed and approved by Career Services uploaded into Handshake

To participate in on-campus interviews, you must register with the Career Center using Handshake, our internet based registration and resume management program. By registering, you allow the Career Center to help you in several important ways. Registration will:

  • Establish your eligibility to interview with employers visiting campus.
  • Enable you to take advantage of résumé referral services. Employers often contact this office requesting resumes of candidates with specific qualifications or interests. The Career Center can only refer resumes of registered students and alumni/ae.
How to Register With the Career Center
  • You must have your resume reviewed and approved by the Career Center in order to be eligible for on-campus interviews. We critique resumes during our "walk-in": hours (no appointment required) or by appointment. Contact our office at 953-5692 to find out our walk-in hours for this semester.
  • Sign and return the "Consent to Disclose Information" authorization form to release your resume to employers (this will be given to you by the staff member who reviews your resume).
  • Log into Handshake, complete your profile, and upload your resume to the system. Once you have uploaded your resume, you are eligible to submit your resume to companies recruiting on campus.
Closed and Open Interview Schedules

Closed Schedules

The majority of employers using on-campus recruiting use closed schedules, which allow the employers to view the résumés of interested students prior to scheduling interviews. After the employer reviews resumes submitted and selects students to interview, candidates will be notified by e-mail, and can then schedule an interview time through Handshake.

Open Schedules

Students interviewing with a company using open interview schedule are welcome to schedule a confirmed interview time on a first come, first serve basis.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are presentations arranged by recruiters to inform potential candidates about their organizations. They may be scheduled in conjunction with, or instead of, on-campus interviewing dates. Check the Events link in Handshake for information and details.

Waiting Lists

If all the spaces on an open interview schedule are filled, you can place your name on a waiting list for the organization. Sometimes the employer will agree to send an additional representative if demand warrants. If that is not possible, your resumè will be provided to the organization. Also, if cancellations occur on the original schedule, individuals on the waiting list may fill the available slots. The Career Center will try to reach individuals on the waiting list in order of sign up.

Preparing for Interviews

Before interviewing with an employer, research information on the company, its products and services, and the position available within the company. The more information you know the better prepared you will be for the interview.

Follow-Up and Evaluation

Effective job search technique requires following up with employers. After an interview, on-campus or on site with the company, be sure to write a thank you letter. This will show the employer that you are appreciative of the time he or she has spent to interview you. It is also an excellent opportunity to remind them of the important qualifications and skills that you might want to highlight. Plan to send this letter as soon as possible after the interview, but no later than 48 hours after the interview.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

You are expected to honor all interview commitments. Reserving time for an interview prohibits other students from taking advantage of the opportunity, and failure to keep interview appointments reflects negatively upon the Career Center and the College of Charleston.


If it is necessary to cancel an interview, you must contact the Career Center at least 48 hours prior to your interview. A cancellation after this time is considered a no-show, and all privileges through the Career Center will be suspended (including access to Handshake). Please see the information regarding no-shows below. 


If you fail to attend a scheduled interview without proper notice to the Career Center, all Career Center privileges will be suspended until:

You have written a letter of apology to the recruiter explaining your reasons for missing the scheduled interview, with a copy of the letter to the Career Center. Failure to do so will result in an immediate suspension of Career Center privileges. Privileges will be restored when the Career Center receives the copy of the letter of apology.