Part-time Employment

Part-time employment can be a great way to meet personal and educational expenses while also obtaining valuable work experience. A variety of part-time employment opportunities are available at the College of Charleston and in the surrounding area. 

All part-time employment opportunities that are listed with the College of Charleston can be found on Handshake. Students can view both on and off-campus positions through this interactive job search website.

You are also encouraged to contact any on-campus departments or off-campus organizations to learn of additional opportunities that may not be listed with the Career Center. You are responsible for setting up the interview and arranging work hours and salary.

On-Campus vs. Off-Campus

  • On Campus
    Working on-campus provides students with a flexible work schedule at a competitive hourly wage. Most departments hire for help during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.) Weekend and evening work is also available in a variety of departments, such as Student Life, Campus Recreation Services, and Athletics.
  • Off Campus
    Working off-campus allows students to experience a variety of work settings in an array of career fields. Wages are competitive and employers are able to offer flexible schedules ranging from early morning hours to late evenings. Students are also able to work on the weekends.

Job Scams 

Be aware of job scams and report any fraudulent Handshake job postings to the Career Center immediately For more information please reference this handout. 

Job Scams 1Job Scams 2


The Career Center does not act as an employment agency. We provide students the tools, resources and opportunities to find internships and jobs, but ultimately they are the ones responsible for finding their chosen positions. The hiring decision is dependent upon many extraneous factors not under the control of the Career Center.

The Career Center strives to provide the best possible opportunities for students. However, if you find that you are experiencing difficulties with your employer, please report this information to our office immediately. Whether you want to discuss a grievance, need information, or wish to take action against an employer, it is imperative that you work with our office to insure that the appropriate action is taken.

Before meeting with the Career Center, please compile a very detailed and specific list outlining the problem(s). All conversations and written documentation are kept confidential.